Why Counselling

People seek a counsellor for many different reasons. Some people wish to find a counsellor or therapist for help during a crisis, for relationship difficulties, bereavement, redundancy, or a traumatic event. Some want help for a specific emotional problem, such as depression, anger management, anxiety, loneliness. Others may feel stuck in recurring life patterns that keep them cemented in dysfunctional relationships, or prevent them from finding meaning in their lives, or achieving fulfilment.

What is counselling

Making the first step to seek counselling can seem daunting and scary for some. Yet most of us have encountered times when we have needed help, or long to be truly heard or understood.

Counselling is a space where you can share and explore your thoughts, feelings and problems in a safe, accepting and confidential environment.

The process of therapy or counselling is a personal journey you make, to give you an opportunity to understand how current difficulties and your past are linked. This leads to a greater awareness and personal growth providing an opportunity to have a greater expansion of choices.

What to expect

When you make the initial contact, we will discuss a mutually agreed time when you can book an appointment for a first session.

In the first session, we will look at what has brought you to counselling and what you would like from it. I will ask some questions about your background and current life circumstances. This can sometimes be challenging for some people, so my approach is always to be sensitive around this and it is not a requirement that you must tell me your past. This is also the opportunity for you to discuss your concerns and ask questions without obligation for further therapy session.

If we decide to work together, a therapeutic contract is agreed. We will discuss a mutually agreed number of sessions, (usually 6 sessions), with the option of further sessions on a more long term, open-ended basis. Sessions are 50 mins in length and take place weekly. If you wish to have more than once a week sessions, we can discuss this in the first appointment.

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