This page is set up to offer immediate help if you require this.

Much of the work we will do together is to increase your ability to use and find resources in your life. Resources are important and are what can make the difference between life and death.

Please contact the Samaritans if you in emotional distress and unable to get immediate help from a friend or family member, or and need to contact someone urgently.

The Samaritians
08457 90 90 90

Relaxation audio if you are having a panic attack

Stress and anxiety tips – NHS tips for stress and anxiety

Tips to avoid stress – Stress tips and further guidance offering numerous life skills

Disclaimer: I cannot take responsibility for the information you may or may not wish to utilise from this page. All information is provided with good intention to support your needs. I have endeavoured to ensure that there is nothing that I would consider harmful or detrimental to a persons wellbeing, in accordance to the BACP ethics and principles. However, I deem it as the responsibility and right of an individual to choose whether they wish to engage in the information and guidance provided.