BACP – The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy. The largest professional body representing counselling and psychotherapy in the UK.

Brighton and Hove Therapy Hub – I am a member of Brighton and Hove Therapy Hub which is a local therapists directory where you can see my profile.

Psychosynthesis Education Trust – Training provider for counsellors and psychotherapists in a psychosynthsis modality. Courses are also offered in personal development for people wishing to explore their psychospiritual development.

Gender Dysphoria – Information of available help and support networks for gender dysphoria.
Counselling Directory –
The Gender Trust –

Teens and Toddlers – Founded in 2001 to address the social exclusion of young people. Providers of a range of programmes focused on inspiring young people to achieve the skills, qualifications and self-belief they need to succeed in school, work and life.

Lifebeat UK – UK charity, which cultivates the potential of young people and adults by stimulating their creativity in the context of a safe and vibrant community. Lifebeat runs youth Summer camps on a programme developed from the Creative Community Model originally established by PYE in the US.

PYE Global – Partners for Youth Empowerment is a community network igniting transformation in youth work providing breakthrough trainings and programmes for youth and adults globally.

EFT – Official Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) of Gary Craig, EFT founder.

Peter Levine – Interview with Peter Levine explaining trauma and Somatic Experiencing.

Babette Rothschild – Body-psychotherapist and specialist educator in the treatment of trauma and P.T.S.D.